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Synapse X is finally reborn. It is the amalgamation of years worth of knowledge put into a single, simple program that despite its simplicity can do much more than what you expect. It is the refinement of our skills, and ultimately the combination of the will of its users and of its developers.

Synapse X is not complex, nor does it say it's the next big thing. Frankly, it is merely the continuation of Synapse's dream. It doesn't hold impossible promises, and it doesn't try to advertise itself as necessarily better than anything else. Synapse X, after all, is young. It will take a lot of time for it to reach maturity, and we expect people like you to assist its honest growth. You will shape what Synapse is.

But, Synapse X isn't horrible either. It's not another rehash of public domain hacks. It's not Synapse merely renamed to sound like a next generation thing. It's not something thrown together in five minutes. It's a project made by honest men for those who bend the rules, for those that reason outside the box and finds joy in thinking differently. It is, in a word, a community of underground people who knows how to go around the rules and make their own.

We are pleased to announce that Synapse X will be released on October 31[1], with previous buyers allowed to immediately access (in other words, use) the hack without having to repurchase again[2]. Putting aside the fancy words, Synapse X is an upgraded version of Synapse featuring:

...oh, and the price required to use Synapse X is 5$ USD monthly[3] for new buyers, and won't cost anything for previous buyers.

More information will be announced as time passes.

In the meantime, why not watch some Synapse videos or spread the word? If you successfully attract a good amount of people toward Synapse by hyping it up and sharing its nostalgic successes, we might award you with a free Synapse X account!

We are currently on the look-out for Youtubers and content creators willing to hype up Synapse X! Make yourself ready, we might be contacting you in the near future ;)

  • [1] This is a preemptive release date range, and development difficulties may result in its delay.
  • [2] Certain conditions apply. To obtain a free Synapse X credit, you will need to provide your previous forum account details.
  • [3] More details related to pricing will be released later.
  • More information to be revealed on those points later.